About My Obsession

Diane M. Howard
Hello, my name is Diane and I am a "process" person.


What...in...the...world is a "process" person you ask??


Well, I love making things with my hands.  I love figuring out how to build things.  I love the process of creating something from a few basic items, or from an array of materials using complicated techniques.


I have experimented and done rather well with different arts & crafts and arts & craft mediums.  All the way from drawing and painting (sadly, I do not do this anymore), to dyeing Ukrainian Easter eggs...to spinning my own yarn...to calligraphy...to very complex Origami...to quilting...to sewing clothing...you get the picture.  On and on throughout my life I have explored so many different ways to create.  Anything that catches my fancy can be my new obsession; working on it constantly.


I get a thrill...nay...a high off of learning how to make something.  Learning how to improve techniques.  Finally mastering it.  My buzz is fading...then I have this finished product.  I am startled to realize that I have a lot of them.


Hmm, what does a person do with 30 knit caps with complicated knit cables?  Or what does one do with six regular plastic ice chests that they've converted into beautiful cedar ice chests for patios and backyard BBQ areas?  How many cross stitched pictures can really be displayed at one time on one's bedroom wall without being considered tacky?  How many quilts can a person keep on their bed and not drown in your own sweat?  How many knit pairs of gloves and socks is really too many?  How many sweaters would classify you as "one of those sweater people"?  You know who you are.


So, I've got a lot of finished projects.  I often gave them away.  Many of my recipients were very appreciative.  Some were suspicious like I had some "some day I'll ask you for a favor" motive behind my gift.  A lot didn't really want them, but took them to be kind.  Hence, the countless hours and loads of moolah I had poured into something was now stuff in a bin at Goodwill marked for a-buck-ninety-five.  Ugh.


Of course, people would always urge me to sell my stuff.  Of course I always said no.  I though no one would buy my stuff.


Until now. (Insert dramatic DUM-DUM-DUMMM)


I hope many of my created items can give you some joy or to whomever you gift them to.  Because I know that I have experienced so much joy making them.


Yes, all of my creations are an obsession...nay...a labor of love.  Indeed, all of my creations are truly "Handmade From the Heart".  That and a massive dose of caffeine.


Thank you for browsing and buying from my site.


Please be kind.  Please be safe.  Please be good to yourself.