Handmade Cherry Pit Neck Pillow with FREE COVER!


Relax and enjoy a Cherry Pit Neck Pillow!

I've spent many hours developing my own neck pillow design. My special double stitched construction with channels keep the cherry pits in place, but also lends a flexibility that hugs your neck. Filled with a pound (approx. 16 ounces or more) of pits, this gives a comforting heaviness that will ease your sore muscles or joints. 

That's right, don't just limit this pillow to your neck. Use it on your back, knees, or where you may need a little extra tender love and care! Use it as a bed warmer on those cold nights, or a cooling compress for your neck during those hot summer months. Hot or cold, you will find your cherry pit pillow is something you can't do without.

Along with your neck pillow, you will receive a FREE COVER! That's a $7.99 value! Choose in the drop-down, the pattern type (see the photos for patterns). Covers are 100% cotton flannel.

100 % Unbleached Muslin Cotton, Cotton Thread, Chemical Free and Commercially Cleaned Cherry Pits (approximately 1 pound in weight)

Approximate Size: 22 inches by 4-1/2 inches

Intended for Adult Use Only

To Heat: Place pillow in a zip-top plastic bag. This will create a moist heat. Warm for about 60-90 
seconds or less (depending on your microwave). Heat to a comfortable temperature. Be careful not to burn your skin. Let cool if too hot. Do not overheat to avoid serious injury or the risk of burning the cherry pits.

To Cool: Place pillow in a zip-top plastic bag. Place bag in the freezer for several hours, or leave in 
the refrigerator overnight. 

Care Instructions:
To Clean: Spot wash when necessary and air dry.

To Machine Wash: Place in pillow case and tie shut. Place in washing machine on delicate cycle with a small amount of detergent. Do not use bleach. Leave in pillow case and place in dryer with towels to dry.Once nearly dry, remove the pillow from the pillow case and place in microwave and warm for 60-90 seconds. Lay out pillow to finish drying completely. 

Important Note:
All monitors are different and I've attempted to display the best representation of the item colors. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.